UNICOM Finance v15.0 Release Announcement

The newest version of Unicom Finance has just been released, bringing with it a suite of advantages. As a beta tester of the software, here are our main conclusions:

Speed –   While Unicom Finance Boasts improvements in Excel exporting as a minimum of 7x faster, we have experienced enhancements to be closer to 20x faster.

Usability –  The usability and exportation of data to Excel have been rewritten to make everything more efficient.  For example, processes like placing multiple pages (50+) documents into different tabs or sheets, which used to take me ~20 minutes, can now be done in less than a minute.  

Stability –  The arrival of UF 15.0 has improved regarding stability with the interface and the webpage.  We have been using this software for beta testing and there have been concerns about stability.  V 15.0 has greatly improved in this area of stability with the webpage and interface in both UF and Excel.

Security –  The security module has been updated and enhanced to now see icons to differentiate between users and groups. The other improvement with security is in authentication in Task Scheduler for Global Domain groups.

Overall, this new version is more productive, efficient, and appealing so users should take advantage. Plus it is already creating opportunities to make processes faster which users are seeing clearly.


Below is an article directly from Unicom Systems announcing the release and is not written by Concessio, Inc.  

From Unicom Systems Inc:

“UNICOM® Systems, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to share with you the latest news regarding UNICOM® Finance. We are proud to announce the General Availability release of UNICOM Finance 15.0.

UNICOM Finance is an all-in-one financial reporting and consolidation package. It integrates multi-currency budgeting, forecasting, and reporting by combining financial data from multiple sources and systems. UNICOM Finance is an integrated solution designed by financial professionals for financial professionals to deliver high-quality financial information in a fraction of the time.

UNICOM Systems, Inc. is always working to provide our customers with superior software products and technical support. At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM Software Solutions and maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

Last year, UNICOM Global announced the development of Universal Gateway (UniGW®), a management dashboard designed to provide real-time insights into operational business performance. Since then, our R&D team has made great progress in developing the protocols needed to aggregate core metrics from multiple data sources, applications and technology platforms to provide executives with an organizational view of system health.

Corry Hong, Founder and CEO of UNICOM Global states:

“Today, more than ever, you need to take advantage of information stored in all of your applications. It is critical that you can quickly and easily mine this wealth of information and expose it to anyone and everyone in your organization. With UniGW® – the Digital Transformation framework – you have a single portal into your multiple applications and transactions.”

In the coming year, UNICOM will continue this progress with UniGW for C-suite. UNICOM Finance will be a key component of this Digital Transformation along with other UNICOM products including its TeamBLUE portfolio of System Architect®, Focal Point™, and UNICOM® Intelligence.

Some of the enhancements in UNICOM Finance 15.0 include:

  • Reporting
    • Rolling reports will use the prior year instead of the current year when they are run in the beginning of January.
  • Security
    • The Security module will now show appropriate icons to indicate if names are users or groups.
    • Using LEXWCMD.EXE with Task Scheduler for automated processes will now work with Global Domain groups for authentication.
  • Create New System
    • When creating a new system, the current user’s Windows name is added to the Security module.
    • We no longer allow CON, NUL, AUX, or PRN as the three-letter system id. These are Windows reserved words.
  • Exporting to Excel
    • Output to Excel has been completely re-written for all modules (Reporting, Input, Batch Reporting, Web).
    • We now use the OpenOfficeSDK, instead of Excel automation, to create the Excel workbooks.
    • We now create XLSX or XLSM workbooks which can be much bigger than the old XLS files.
    • The workbook creation is now much faster than in previous versions.

To obtain this new release of UNICOM Finance, please log in or register on the UNICOM Customer Portal –, or send an email to


UNICOM® Systems, Inc.
Technical Support”

Again, the above article is owned and was written by the Unicom Systems Team. Concessio is not the owner or the creator of the content. Thank you.

Article by Concessio

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